How Effective is Humor in Marketing & Advertising – regardless of the medium?

In a recent project, we have been working with a client and are using subtle and tasteful humor to try and reach his clients…

How effective do you think this is … Any feedback is appreciate!

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  1. Mr. AD Jangles

    Humor, when donw either blatantly, tongue-in-cheek, satirically or visually has appeal in advertising. Let’s face it, if it didn’t work and produce ROI, major advertisers would have stopped using it. The issue is how far one goes (I think it’s safe to say that Budweiser pushed a little too hard with that Super Bowl Horse Flatulence spot) … but within the parameters of taste and depending on the client, humor will always have a place in this racket. Keep in mind that humor is but one element in an effective ad … the product must have worth and me perceived as timely, but assuming this is a forgone conclusion, make’em smile and they’ll remember you longer, feel good about you and buy more of what you’re selling.