Is Cold Calling Still An Effective Sales Technique or Simply Annoying?

Among the many methods of communication today … the seemingly outdated landline … office line …
Is this still an effective sales technique? It seems that with so many other ways to contact someone (Facebook, email, twitter, you tube, txt) … That this veteran method should be retired by now …
Curious to hear feedback if this is simple annoying today or perhaps, still effective.


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  1. bethravery

    Cold calling is still extremely effective. Using social media in sales is a part of the plan; you don’t abandon other parts of the plan that are still working (cold calling.)

    As far as the seemingly outdated office line, I’m not sure that this is accurate. We call into senior and c-level executives in the Fortune 500, and they all have landlines. Sometimes these are forwarded to Blackberries, but even so, there’s still a landline.

  2. Keith Zingler

    Cold calling is very effective for controling and expanding your pipeline. I see way to many salespeople claim cold calling doesn’t work, but they no one can come with a more effective solution. Cold calling gets a bad rap in this fast paced society. We have to keep in mind that it is only the start of the sales process.

  3. businesssprouts

    I have to agree with people that left comments before. Cold calling works and is probably still the most personal way besides “in person” meeting. I delete my “SPAM” everyday without a blink, but when someone can get my attention, I will at least listen to the reason why they called.


  4. Christopher Morrissette

    Great Post for discussion!

    There is technology out there looking to eliminate Cold Calling as a sales technique like by allowing offices and decision makers to pre-screen/filter sales people before they spend time with them.

    I don’t cold calling will ever truly disappear but the rules will change. For instance, sales people will have to show value very quickly to their prospect. The prospect will expect the sales person to have done their homework before the prospect grants a meeting. And interruptions will be a thing of the past, if a sales person walks in or calls unexpectedly they will be in for a quick brush off.

    I hope this helps,