Twitter vs. LinkedIn – Professional vs. Personal

Can one replace the other or are they at two extreme sides of the social media spectrum?

I think that Twitter is for the here, now, and more impatient types (myself included!). We are a society of entitlement and we want the here and now – LinkedIn was more valuable to me about 3 months ago, but now it is a bit of a challenge to weed through the high volume of spam to get to the valuable items it has … Both are interesting and have value.

Twitter has the same issue, but it has a simplistic resolution – unfollow. I think that it might be interesting to see them designate accounts as business or personal … So you could easily weed out the “I had roast beef for lunch” tweets … Rather than looking at a profile, perusing some of the tweets and following then locating them again and “unfollowing” … I have yet to find any monetary value from Twitter directly, but the feel that I am plugged in and up to date on the happenings from various sources and perspectives makes it more of an addiction that linked in… Twitter seems much more instantaneous than LinkedIn … and that satisfies the entitlement addiction …

Weigh in on the poll below to show which you prefer and if you are a twitter fiend … what do you tweet about most … Personal, Professional, Combination with emphasis on professional or a combination with emphasis on personal.

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  1. evansmediagroup

    Interesting headline I just read tying back to this but sums it up nicely … Twitter is our id, Facebook is our Ego … But isn’t all social media really tied to our egos?