Beware … The End Is Near … For Google, At Least.

Beware … The End Is Near … For Google, At Least.

Pundits web wide are asking if Google is afraid of Facebook based on the latest comScore data regarding time spent on sites owned by each of the megalith internet companies. Well … hold on a minute … last time I checked, actual time spent on Google’s search site averages about 3 nano seconds to return about 150 gazillion results, while Facebook users languish in the throws of interpersonal communication for hours on end. Hardly a fair fight.

Yes, I do realize they are talking about all sites owned and operated, like maps, and earth and docs and such, but I don’t think Google is quaking in its/his/her boots quite yet. By the way, what gender should one ascribe to a web company? It was so much easier in the print days … The New York Times was and still is “The Old Grey Lady” … but I digress.

Yahoo! however might have reason to tremble slightly, he/it/she has seen a continued slide from the top position to dead last in this particular race. The slide below tells the tale for those of you interested enough to study it, but I say again this is no death knell for Google. Let’s see what everyone says about Facebook if the numbers shift ever so slighty back toward Googledom next month.

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