Cracking the QR Code


Everybody is talking about QR Codes these days. Only in existence for a couple of years, these odd looking little bar codes have taken to marketing like ducks to water. But how does YOUR business put them to use? Will YOUR customers get it?

Evans Media Group can be your go-to resource for all thing QR … we crack the QR Code by explaining use, showing you how to incorporate them into your other marketing initiatives seamlessly and get the most benefit by using them. We will fully and understandably explain:

  • The difference between a Bar Code, a QR Code and A Tag
  • How codes and tags work and who is using them to their best advantage
  • The perfect strategy for implementing codes and tags into your marketing
  • Best practices for QR code and Tag creative
  • QR and Tag usage analytics and measurement
  • What does the future of this technology look like