Social Media Services

What comes to mind when you hear the term social media? For some, visions of a 17 year old that can’t eat or sleep without their cell phone comes to mind. For others, it means Facebook, YouTube, or maybe even Twitter.  Many are not quite sure exactly what it is or what it entails, let alone if it is right for them, their brand, or business.

That’s where Evans Media Group comes in. We’ll schedule a meeting with you to do a full on-site analysis of you, your business, your products/services, your staff and resources to determine if social media is right for you. Yes, we said IF. Social media is not right for everyone or every business. We rarely find businesses that shouldn’t be using it in some form, but there are some businesses out whose audience is not engaging in social media. The good news? While they may not be serial tweeters or addicted to Facebook, 97% of all Americans do own a cell phone. Yes, that is more than own a TV.  If this is the case, we offer solutions to market, engage, and connect with your customers through mobile marketing, online video, email marketing, and traditional marketing.

Are you thinking this may be all well and good, but it still sounds like we are speaking a foreign language? Or worse yet, it sounds great, but you don’t have an extra 5 minutes in your day as it is and you are already wearing multiple hats?

At Evans Media Group, that’s our specialty. The small business owner looking to compete with the “big guys” with limited financial or time resources turns to us to expand awareness of their company, their brand, and what they have to offer whether locally, or globally.

After our on-site analysis, we compile all of your information and do market research to determine which channels are most appropriate for your business, and yes, where you will get the most “bang for your buck.”

Still not convinced? Don’t think that your customers will care if you are on Facebook or on Twitter? Do you still believe in the power of referrals and word of mouth marketing? That’s what social media is. Word of mouth marketing … gone digital. We help you harness the power of the invaluable customer testimonial and let your customers tell the world how great you are.

We determine 5 channels that would be valuable for you, your business, and your marketing message, and go to work with you to start spreading that message virally. The 5 channels are not the same for everyone, as it varies by market, the industry, who you are marketing to, and what you are selling. We take the learning curve and the risk for social media suicide out of the strategy and provide proven results.

What results? Traffic through the door, visitors converting to purchasers, and most of all, search engine juice. If you can’t be found in Google, Bing or Yahoo!, your customers can’t find you, and they won’t bring revenue into your business. And, that is just the tipping point.

Our social media approach is built on a foundation of four key factors: standard marketing practices, search engine optimization/marketing methodologies, solid business principles, and sales strategies. We have a combined team experience of over 50 years in business and marketing across a number of geographies, and even more industries such as telecommunications, newspaper, printing, publishing, electronics, manufacturing, technology, and retail.

We structure each of our client commitments with the following guarantees:

  • Industry specific
  • No long term contracts
  • All commitments have a 30 day opt out
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Flexibility in fee structure for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly set up
  • Option to transition to an internal employee once the ramp up period has occurred, including training and on-going support for 30 days after the end of the commitment
  • Option to leverage our network to find a suitable candidate to transition the social media management and monitoring after the ramp up period has occurred.

What you get when you hire Evans Media Group as your Social Media Solution:

  • A six month social media strategy, fully detailed plan to integrate social media marketing into your current marketing initiatives
  • Ongoing recommendations for new opportunities in Social Media as the landscape changes and evolves.
  • Creation of social media profiles across the 5 designated channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Fourquare, and more.
  • Daily management of social media profiles with up to 30 updates per day.
  • Assistance writing industry relevant blogs bi-weekly
  • Social Media policy development & deployment
  • Social Media training company wide
  • Website Analysis for marketability, search engine optimization and search engine marketing to identify your top 25 keyword targets
  • Incorporation of social media channels into your current website
  • Local search and directory listings in the top 5 search engines as well as other market specific communities
  • Regular creation and dissemination of press releases regarding relevant company news to over 4,000 news outlets
  • Article submissions to various online website for visibility and the opportunity for viral content
  • Link Building across various web directories, social bookmarking, photosharing and blogging networks
  • Online reputation management to monitor positive and negative information related to your company and your brand and leveraging our strong public relations skills to respond
  • Contacts and relationships with local media and publications as well as national industry specific trade publications and magazines
  • Bi-weekly onsite meetings to review action items, project status, goals, and ROI