Doorzipper Donates Locking System to Burglary Victim

Doorzipper Donates Locking System to Burglary Victim

Shawnee, KS (Evans Media Group) – November 24, 2009 – A local resident of Claycomo, MO lived through her worst nightmare last Saturday night. As she hid on the floor next to her bed, her cell phone pressed to her ear whispering to the 911 operator, pleading for help. Downstairs, two thugs were battering her front door, eventually succeeding and entering her home.

This story is repeated every 3.2 seconds somewhere in the US and while the police did arrive, give chase and eventually capture the intruders from the Claycomo break in, others may not be so fortunate. According to statistics, this could be the deadliest year in Kansas City in a decade.

When Stan Demster of Doorzipper USA in Shawnee, KS heard of the horrific turn of events at the local Claycomo home last Saturday, he immediately put a plan in place to make sure that it never happens to the woman again. “Occasionally, and as need arises,” said Demster “we will make our product available at no charge. Obviously we can’t always do that, but certain cases make us want to help shut down these bottom feeders, the opportunistic low-lifes who prey on the good people of our area.”

Doorzipper is a new product set to launch nationally in January from prolific Shawnee inventor/entrepreneur Demster’s company, KJD Services. This device attaches to any standard entry door and renders it virtually impervious to human powered forced entry.

“Sure, you could drive a truck through a Doorzipper protected door, but I defy any two men with a 75 lb. battering ram to defeat it before the police arrive”, said Demster. Tests have proven the point. Although invisible when the door is closed and locked, the 24 interlocking stainless steel tabs of an engaged Doorzipper defy all but super human force.

Regular visits from the Shawnee Fire Department to the Doorzipper facility to inspect the product have them asking the inventor to produce a sticker that would alert them as to the presence of a Doorzipper. It became obvious that instead of trying to defeat the product, they could save time by merely using a chainsaw on a Doorzipper protected door.

Demster’s company received a limited pre-launch quantity of Doorzippers and he is making them available on a first-come-first-served basis to Kansas City residents. “We won’t have Doorzippers to meet full demand until the official product launch in January”, said Demster, “but we have a few hundred that we can let people have beforehand. I’ll even throw in a Black Friday discount of $50 for those that order them by sending an email to … Happy Thanksgiving,” he added.

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