Who is Evans Media Group?

We are a Wilmington-based, nation wide Digital Advertising and Marketing Agency. We help brands and businesses navigate the shifting world of new media to create deliverable marketing success. We are not defined by technology, even though it is obviously at the core of what we do. It is our belief that, in our increasingly mobile, user generated content world, marketing has become more than interactive, it has evolved into conversations you have, not control. Nobody wants to go on a date and hear the other person talk solely about themselves … that’s a one-date situation. Our new world demands engagement, and Evans Media Group excels at creating that engagement, building that relationship, tracking two-way communication … and getting you a second date.

What Do We Do?

It is no stretch to say Evans Media Group provides a full array of services from traditional to digital to social to mobile. Check out our senior partners experience here, on LinkedIn or just Google them and you’ll see they have the chops. Some clients come to us with a clean slate and we build a complete media initiative from the ground up. Strategy, creative, implementation, management, measurement, that’s our work day, while you manage your business. Other clients come to us with ideas fully formed; they just need someone to execute. That’s OK too. To use a really old marketing term … no job is too big, or too small. For a little more info about what we do, visit our Evaluate page.

Why use Evans Media Group?

We could tell you that Evans Media Group is the best in the business (blah blah blah). But the best way to evaluate us is to look at out track record, We’ve been doing this (and only this) for a long time. We have had success with clients from individual restaurants to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve worked from coast to coast. We’ve worked with brands in nearly every major industry category from manufacturing to retail, medical to entertainment. But the truth is, we don’t believe marketing is a one-size-fits-all. If we don’t think we can deliver a custom solution for you, we’ll tell you. We don’t take new clients just for the cash benefit to us, we have that luxury and it works in your favor. We get a lot of client referrals so we make our clients happy by providing success. It’s as simple as that.