Throughout our site you will find lists of services, products and tools we offer to our clients, but before we hit the road so to speak, we lay down some critical pre-work to provide a better guide for success. This effort goes into every client relationship and is the basis for every thing we do.
  • Classify the key attributes of your customers, clients or stakeholders that your advertising/marketing programs should leverage
  • Promote the insights that will enable you to create consistent communications that both engage AND drive them to action
  • Interpret complex data and extract the critical information you need to create powerful advertising messages
  • Leverage stakeholder communications into integrated traditional, digital, social and mobile marketing initiatives on your behalf
Public relations is a key part of what we do for you and is one of the most effective means of building your brand and promoting your products and services. Evans Media Group will give you the inside track on tactics to engage editors and writers to tell your story. We will guide you in the effective use of public relations, creating a consistent PR plan for your business … remember, Public Relations is not Free, It’s Priceless.
Traditional agency services that we offer:
1.    Media buying and placement
2.    Copy Writing and Creative
3.    Logo Design
4.    Brand Management
5.    Public Relations
6.    Event Management
7.    Business Consulting
8.    Video Production
9.    Printing Services
10. Direct Marketing