Integrated Marketing Case Study for High End Restaurant Client

Integrated Marketing Case Study for High End Restaurant Client

Email marketing creative for Michael Smith Restaurant in Kansas City celebrating their 5 year anniversary. Plan: Distribute creative email campaign through a 3rd party email marketing service provider, post on the home page of their website, create a supplemental blog post, and post through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Result: Within 1 hour, the event sold out after reaching 24% of their fans on Facebook, having a 50% click through rate on Twitter, and an open rate of 21%. As a result, a second night has been opened, enabling fans of this great restaurant to indulge themselves in this delicious menu, even if they weren’t as quick to pull the trigger as their fellow foodies. Update … one day later, second seating approaching sell-out!

Email Marketing Creative from Evans Media Group for client Michael Smith Restaurant


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  1. Christina Cruz

    This is such a great idea. What a great way to integrate your campaign using online media.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Paul Evans

      Christina, thank you so much. That means a lot coming from an industry peer like yourself.