Social Media Case Study: CEIVA.Com Leverages Super Bowl and Social Media Muscle

Social Media Case Study: CEIVA.Com Leverages Super Bowl and Social Media Muscle

The Super Bowl and Social Media …Two of the most extreme forces in twenty first century marketing. Is tapping both the Holy Grail?

As the whirlwind of Super Bowl mania approaches the Miami metro like a hurricane about to make landfall, companies and businesses across the country try to grab the coat tails of this marketing megalith and eke whatever promotional value – licensed or otherwise – they can out of this annual opportunity.

Social media, a marketing juggernaut in its own right, has businesses scrambling to figure out how to best utilize its vast depth and breadth and one California company has just successfully, or so it seems initially, lashed the reins around these two unstoppable marketing forces.

Full details of how the CEIVA PicShareBowl contest works can be seen in a company press release, but basically, it is a sports fan photo contest amongst New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts fans.

The brilliance in this initiative is the use of social media to drive SEO, and site visits to enter the contest.

CEIVA Logic, the inventor and supplier of the leading connected photo frame, announced on Tuesday  the first CEIVA PicShareBowl contest and encouraged contestants to win a gift card by tweeting about the contest to their followers. A very well managed effort that not only encourages viral word-spread, but limits poetic license by providing four examples of tweets ranging from 137 to 140 characters for contestants to use. Is it the Holy Grail? We’ll check the metrics post-contest if CEIVA is willing to share.

This is a perfect example of social media utilization, without allowing too much brand equity to get away and into the hands of the general public. It’s the social media version of SNL’s Mike Myers as Linda Richman, the hostess of Coffee Talk! Saying … “Talk amongst yourselves … I’ll give you a subject”. CEVIA Logic says “Tweet about us, but we’ll give you the verbiage.

Brilliant! … Simply brilliant.

Paul Evans is the President and CMO of Evans Media Group, a boutique agency located in Overland Park, KS that specializes in traditional marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, and public relations.

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